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With the recent release of the Standard for teachers’ professional development and pressures related to recruiting and retaining high-quality staff, there has never been a greater expectation on schools to deliver effective CPD.

In order for CPD to be effective, training should be led by a skilled facilitator. Although we support in-school facilitation with our Train the trainer module and step-by-step module guidance, we recognise that some schools may prefer outside specialist support to deliver our CPD resources.

This is why we have carefully vetted and selected preferred partners to deliver our training modules to CPD Toolkit subscribers.


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Getting support from our preferred partners

To tap in to this specialist facilitation support, your school must have an active subscription to CPD Toolkit. As a subscriber, you can arrange training with our preferred partners at a time and location that suits you.

If you would like more information, please do contact us or your preferred partner.

The cost of receiving training from preferred partners is in addition to the price of CPD Toolkit subscription. For more information on fees you should contact your chosen preferred partner directly.


Preferred partners

One Education                                                        

“With high-quality content provided by The Key, One Education’s expert consultants are able to work with schools to focus on effective, confident and tailored delivery of the training.  We have excellent relationships with over a thousand schools across the country and delivering The Key’s CPD Toolkit material will hugely complement the training we already provide.”

 - Jane Sowerby, Director of Education, One Education

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