Effective feedback


Does your school provide consistent, effective feedback to pupils? Research summarised in the Sutton Trust/Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit shows that high quality pupil feedback has an average impact of eight additional months of progress for pupils. This module aims to improve your teachers’ skills in preparing for, giving and getting effective feedback and enabling, noticing and responding effectively to pupils’ contributions.

This module is suitable for school leaders, teachers and support staff from early years to secondary education. There are six 90 minute sessions available for teachers and support staff, and two 90 minute sessions for school leaders. It is helpful for at least one school leader to also attend the sessions intended for teachers and support staff. To get maximum benefit from the module, it is suggested that the sessions are run consecutively, with sufficient time between sessions for participants to complete the inter-session tasks. Sessions 1-6 are suitable for all teaching and support staff, while session 1a and 7 are intended for school leaders.

This module has been designed to be adaptable and effective for all facilitators and participants. However, you may wish to adapt the content to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. 


This module was developed in partnership with CUREE, an internationally acknowledged centre of expertise in evidence-based practice in all sectors of education. Led by Philippa Cordingley, CUREE uses its knowledge and skills in teaching, research, communications and knowledge management to produce high-quality research, CPD, and tools and resources.


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