Developing a growth mindset


How can you instil a ‘growth mindset’ in young people at your school ? Research shows that pupils who have a growth mindset  the belief that intelligence is malleable  try harder, persist for longer, seek out feedback and set themselves more challenging goals. This module covers the latest research on growth mindset, dispels common myths, and explores practical strategies that can be implemented in the classroom and across the whole school.

This module is suitable for all teaching and support staff and is built from three sessions that are approximately 90 minutes in length. However, you may wish to adapt the content to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. To get maximum benefit from the module, we recommend that the sessions are run consecutively, with sufficient time between sessions for participants to complete the inter-session tasks.


This module was developed in partnership with Bradley Busch, a registered psychologist and director of InnerDrive. InnerDrive is a mental skills training company that helps people develop a growth mindset and acquire the key skills needed to perform under pressure. InnerDrive’s practice covers the traditional areas of performance psychology, education psychology and neuroscience.


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