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Is your school using coaching to support whole-school improvement? This course aims to build participants’ understanding of how coaching can be used to transform practice and drive school improvement. It helps equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to become highly effective coaches, who are able to support colleagues to reach their full potential. 


This course is suitable for any member of staff involved in coaching. 

Course outline

Authors: This course was developed in partnership with One Education, a leading provider of education services to schools and academies with a focus on evidence and research.

Session 1 - Introduction to coaching


  • Develop a baseline for existing coaching practice
  • Arrive at an agreed personalised definition of what coaching is
  • Establish buy-in for coaching as an effective, evidence-based approach for transforming practice
  • Secure understanding of how and when coaching can be used to positively impact on pupil outcomes

Session 2 - Practical coaching skills


  • Explore the skills needed for effective coaching
  • Develop knowledge and skills in active listening, non-verbal communication, the effective use of questioning, goal identification and the use of research
  • Develop an understanding of how to undertake collaborative coaching effectively

Session 3 - Applying coaching knowledge and skills to practice


  • Explore how to apply coaching skills and knowledge to your own practice
  • Develop coaching skills and explore the effectiveness of coaching pairs
  • Put practice into policy by creating a whole-school coaching strategy

Session 4 - Embedding coaching across the whole school


  • To review and refine coaching practices across the school
  • To develop a sustained collaborative learning culture where coaching can thrive
  • To develop an agreed focus and success criteria for coaching across the school


Courses include:
  • Facilitator notes providing step-by-step guidance with discussion prompts, activity instructions and links to further reading
  • A facilitator log including a checklist to support session planning and evaluation, and to help you identify next steps 
  • A diagnostic audit to assess participants’ prior knowledge so that you can tailor the content and target areas for improvement
  • Presentation slides outlining key concepts and guidance
  • Videos to support activities and to explain complex ideas
  • A learning log enabling participants to reflect upon their learning against the course objectives
  • A feedback form enabling participants to evaluate the subject content and activities in the session
  • A certificate to certify participation in the training course

How it works

  1. Download high-quality materials created in partnership with subject specialists, and quality assured for your peace of mind
  2. Adapt the resources to meet the needs of your school and staff
  3. Deliver engaging training with confidence, with the support of comprehensive facilitator guidance 
  4. Evaluate the impact of your training to identify areas where staff need further support