Metacognition: learning to learn


Do pupils at your school know how to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning? Metacognition and self-regulation (learning to learn) approaches aim to help pupils to think about their own learning more explicitly. This module aims to improve participants’ understanding of how to develop pupils’ metacognitive and self-regulation skills. It begins by looking at how metacognition can be used to support learning across the curriculum, before placing an explicit focus on using metacognition to improve reading comprehension and independent writing.

This module is suitable for teachers from primary to secondary education. There are three 90-minute sessions available. However, you may wish to adapt the content to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. To get maximum benefit from the module, it is suggested that the sessions are run consecutively, with sufficient time between sessions for participants to complete the inter-session tasks.


This module was developed in partnership with Elina Lam and JJ Primrose. Elina Lam is the programme manager of the KS3 catch-up literacy programme  the LIT Programme – at Hackney Learning Trust (HLT). JJ Primrose is an associate deputy headteacher and a primary teaching and learning consultant at HLT. Both have extensive experience in developing and delivering high-quality training on metacognition and self-regulation.


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