Differentiation: supporting all pupils


How can you help your staff to differentiate effectively to support all pupils? This module explores the core principles of effective differentiation. It aims to provide participants with a strong understanding of how to help all pupils to make good progress regardless of their different starting points. The module explores a range of practical differentiation strategies focused on planning, questioning and feedback.

This module is suitable for all teaching and support staff. It consists of four sessions that are approximately 90 minutes in length. However, you may wish to adapt the content to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. To get maximum benefit from the module, we recommend that the sessions are run consecutively, with sufficient time between sessions for participants to complete the inter-session tasks.



This module was developed in partnership with Mike Gershon. Mike is the author of more than 30 books and 50 guides covering different areas of teaching and learning. Mike works throughout the UK and in Europe supporting schools and teachers. He also collaborates with a wide variety of educational organisations. His online resources have been viewed and downloaded more than 3.5 million times. 


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