Autism awareness

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How well do your staff understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

For World Autism Awareness Week, this 25-minute training session provides an introduction to the symptoms of ASD (also known as autism spectrum condition), and dispels some common myths. As part of the session, staff will also explore practical strategies they can use to provide targeted support to pupils.

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Suitable for all teaching and support staff.


Session in detail

This session is designed to last 25 minutes, but can be tailored to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. 


  • Raise awareness about the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Explore strategies to support pupils with ASD
  • Build consistency in approach and understanding across the school

How it works

How can you help your staff stay well-informed?

The Key's 25-minute sessions contain everything you need to unpack the implications of policy changes, research developments and Ofsted guidance at your school. They can be used as part of whole-school training sessions or meetings, to help your staff work in a consistent manner as reflective practitioners who are responsive to change.

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