How effective are your colleagues at managing their workload?
This course aims to equip participants with practical time management strategies and techniques to help them to use their time more effectively and efficiently. It addresses issues such as task prioritisation, procrastination and ownership, whilst also seeking to challenge participants’ perceptions of time.

It was developed in partnership with Nina Siddall-Ward, the Director of Why Consultancy. 



This course is suitable for leaders, teachers and support staff from early years to secondary education. It consists of two sessions, that are easily adaptable to the timings and needs of your school. 

Course outline

Part 1 - Individual perceptions of time and task prioritisation 


  • Gain an accurate view of how you perceive and use time
  • Understand the importance of effective time management
  • Create more realistic to-do lists
  • Develop practical techniques and strategies to use your time more effectively

Part 2 - Planning for success


  • Understand how to use the ‘Getting Things Done’ approach to manage your time
  • Explore how habit affects time management
  • Clarify some of the habits of successful people

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