How effective and consistent is behaviour management across your school?

This training course explores evidence and research into high-impact approaches to behaviour management. It looks at how to use rewards, sanctions and praise to reinforce rules, and how to develop positive relationships with pupils. The training course also explores the causes of common types of misbehaviour, and aims to equip participants with practical strategies to manage them.

This training course was developed in partnership with Fintan O’Regan. Fin is an SEN and behaviour consultant for the Schools Network and an associate lecturer for Leicester University, nasen, Tribal Education and the Institute of Education. 



The training course is suitable for teachers and support staff from early years to secondary education. It consists of three sessions that can be easily adapted to the timings and needs of your school. 


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Rules, rewards and sanctions (90 minutes)


  • Explore research and evidence into effective behaviour management
  • Consider how to devise, justify and introduce rules and procedures
  • Refine judgement on how to use rewards, sanctions and praise to reinforce rules
Session 2 - Relationships and communications (90 minutes)

  • Consider how to develop positive relationships with pupils
  • Discuss strategies to increase both dominance and cooperation in the classroom
  • Clarify how to interpret messages being sent by a pupils’ behaviour
Session 3 - Dealing with disruption and defiance (90 minutes)
  • Develop strategies to heighten awareness of what is going on in the classroom
  • Review the causes of common behaviour issues and strategies to manage them
  • Understand how to identify specific behaviour issues for a focus group of pupils, and develop strategies to manage them

How it works

We've created The Key CPD Toolkit to take the time, cost and effort out of developing your own training.

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Using our training is simple:

1. Download the materials, created with subject specialists, and quality assured for your peace of mind

2. Quickly adapt the resources to meet the needs of your school 

3. Deliver engaging training, with the support of comprehensive facilitator guidance

4. Evaluate the impact of your training to identify areas where staff need further support