Do your staff know how to minimise the impact of transition on learning?

This training course explores the effect of transition on the international school community, including staff, pupils and parents. It looks at the unique challenges facing 'cross-cultural kids' and 'third culture kids', and helps schools build a practical transition programme. 

This course was developed in partnership with Valérie Besanceney.



This course is suitable for the senior leadership team and teaching staff in all phases of international schools. It is strongly recommended that at least one member of the senior leadership team attends sessions 3 and 4, as these are geared towards creating a framework for the school’s transition programme. 


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - How transitions affect pupil identity and learning (90 minutes)


  • Understand how mobility affects all students in international schools
  • Explore the transition process, and how people may react to transition in different ways
  • Look at how mobility affects learning
  • Examine the responsibility of international schools to address student transitions
Session 2 - Understanding your school population (90 minutes)

  • Understand the terms cross-cultural kid (CCK) and third culture kid (TCK)
  • Recognise the challenges and benefits of growing up cross-culturally
  • Know how to tap into the TCK experiences of the classroom 
  • Begin to understand the importance of a strong transition programme
Session 3 - Managing transitions: in-class and whole-school strategies (95 minutes)
  • Learn strategies to address transitions as a whole school and in class
  • Be informed about available resources for primary and secondary schools
Session 4 - Good practice in international schools (90 minutes)
  • Build on participants' understanding of the impact of transitions on learning 
  • Consider the school’s population
  • Explore how to address transitions as a whole school and in class 

How it works

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