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Do children with EAL flourish academically and socially at your school?
Confidently assess pupils’ stages of language acquisition
This course will help you support this diverse group of pupils, by helping your staff:
  • Equip themselves with practical, evidence-based strategies to support children with English as an additional language at every stage of language acquisition
  • Gain a deeper understanding of social and emotional factors that affect pupils’ learning 

This course was developed in partnership with an EAL specialist at One Education, a support service for schools.

How it works


Suitable for classroom teachers, support staff and senior leadership. It consists of three sessions, that are easily adaptable to the timings and needs of your school.  


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Understanding the complexity of identifying and providing for pupils with EAL 


  • Examine definitions of EAL and the definitions of terms associated with it. 
  • Explore theoretical models of second language acquisition, and learn how to identify a pupil’s stage of language acquisition.
  • Consider the complex emotional and social needs of EAL pupils
Session 2 - Supporting new arrivals with English as an additional language 

  • Explore the needs of new arrivals
  • Gain more knowledge of the first language assessment (FLA) process to develop your practice
  • Learn practical strategies for supporting "Code A" EAL learners  (new arrivals to the country)

Session 3 - Maximising progress 
  • Apply the EAL assessment codes and develop an understanding of what these mean in practical terms
  • Trial, critique and reflect on a range of practical strategies for supporting EAL learners
  • Examine our own practice and identify ways in which we could develop it to better support EAL learners

How it works

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Ben White, CPD research champion, Ashford Teaching Alliance

Using our training is simple:

1. Download the materials, created with subject specialists, and quality assured for your peace of mind

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3. Deliver engaging training, with the support of comprehensive facilitator guidance

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