How can you instil a ‘growth mindset’ in young people at your school?

Research suggests that pupils who have a growth mindset – the belief that intelligence is malleable – try harder, persist for longer, seek out feedback and set themselves more challenging goals. This course covers research on growth mindset, dispels common myths, and explores practical strategies that can be implemented in the classroom and across the whole school.

This course was developed with Bradley Busch, a registered psychologist and director of InnerDrive.

Please note:

study published in July 2019 found that the use of growth mindset didn’t make a difference to pupils’ English or maths results. There are a few possible explanations for this finding.

Schools should be “wary of using growth mindset as a standalone way of boosting attainment”, according to Kevan Collins, chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, which commissioned the research.



This training course is suitable for all teaching and support staff. It consists of three sessions that are roughly 90 minutes in length, and can be easily adapted to your timings and staff needs.


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Defining growth mindset, its benefits and the role of effort (90 minutes)


  • Introduce to the concept of ‘growth mindset’
  • Dispel any myths around growth mindset
  • Explore the benefits of growth mindset
  • Explore the role of effort

Session 2 - Exploring the role of feedback, setbacks and new challenges (105 minutes)


  • Examine pupil perceptions towards feedback, setbacks and new challenges
  • Understand how to make praise purposeful
  • Learn how to reframe pupils' self-talk
  • Explore success stories and how they can be used to inspire pupils

Session 3 - Overcoming challenges in implementing interventions (90 minutes)


  • Examine the obstacles in developing a growth mindset
  • Highlight research on the relationship between a growth mindset and creating a sense of purpose
  • Review learnings from this training course and identify next steps

How it works

We've created The Key CPD Toolkit to take the time, cost and effort out of developing your own training.

"The staff really did enjoy the session and we could see the impact in lesson observations the following day."
Carmel Dodds, The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

Using our training is simple:

1. Download the materials, created with subject specialists, and quality assured for your peace of mind

2. Quickly adapt the resources to meet the needs of your school 

3. Deliver engaging training, with the support of comprehensive facilitator guidance

4. Evaluate the impact of your training to identify areas where staff need further support

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