Do you want your staff to excel at teaching reading?

Reading and literacy are key challenges throughout the primary curriculum, and are best supported with a focused effort across all teaching staff. This course will ensure everyone is working off the same page to improve pupil outcomes.

Thomas Martell, our content partner from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), explains the key learning objectives of the course below.

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This course will benefit all teaching staff and teaching assistants in primary schools. Ideally, it should be delivered by the literacy lead or literacy co-ordinator.

It consists of two 70 minute sessions, that can be easily adapted to your timings and staff needs.


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Focusing effort (70 minutes)

  • Develop a shared understanding of reading, which includes phonological awareness and reading fluency
  • Use and interpret diagnostic assessments to inform next steps for teaching
  • Identify features of effective phonics provision

    Session 2 - Supporting reading comprehension (70 minutes) 

    • Explore when and why reading comprehension strategies can be useful
    • Learn how to support reading comprehension through:
    1. Gradual release of responsibility
    2. Feedback
    3. Collaborative learning
    4. Text selection

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