Teaching assistants: optimising impact

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Are your teaching assistants (TAs) making a significant impact on pupil progress? 

This course facilitates whole-school action planning to ensure that TAs have a strong, positive impact on learning. The sessions unpick cutting-edge research surrounding the deployment, preparedness and practice of TAs and enable participants to explore the practical implications for their school.

Our content partner for this course is Louise Burnham, who has over 20 years' experience as a primary and early years teacher. She has also designed and delivered a teaching assistants training programme for Lewisham Council.


This course will make most impact if all staff (from teaching assistants to teachers and seniors) attend and buy-in to the ideas discussed. 


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Exploring evidence and research (90 minutes)


  • Explore research on the deployment, preparation and practice of TAs
  • Begin to develop a plan of action for improving the effectiveness of TAs in your school
Session 2 - Preparedness and effective partnerships (90 minutes)

  • Engage with research on the impact of TAs in the classroom and use this knowledge to embed best practice
  • Think about the current overlapping nature of the teacher/TA roles in some schools
  • Explore what ‘preparedness’ means in relation to whole-class cover, supporting pupils with SEN and delivering intervention sessions
Session 3 - Drawing on research to improve classroom practice (110 minutes)

  • Explore what research says about effective TA practice
  • Develop classroom talk and independent learning
  • Identify areas for further professional development

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