How can you unleash excellent teaching?

This course places reflection at the heart of school improvement. It unpacks the features of effective practice and explores how to use evidence to identify areas for development. Staff will create an action plan to support focused and sustained self-improvement.

This course was developed in partnership with George Abbot Teaching School.



This course is suitable for all teaching staff and will be particularly relevant for those who are newly or recently qualified. It will also serve as a useful refresher for more experienced teachers.

The course consists of three sessions, which can be easily adapted to the timings and needs of your school. 


Sessions in detail

Session 1 - Reflective approaches for excellent teaching (90 minutes)


  • Begin to build a manageable and positive approach for reflective practice
  • Explore reflective approaches to support reflection on practice
  • Explore the ways in which values are orientated towards teaching and/or learning
  • Start to explore strengths and areas for development in your teaching
Session 2 - Reflecting on practice (2 hours)
  • Use the Teachers' Standards as a framework for reflection
  • Develop an evidenced based view of reflective practice
  • Practise reflection on sources of existing evidence
  • Prepare for action planning in session three
Session 3 - Moving to action and measuring impact (2 hours)
  • Introduce seven evidence-based principles of good teaching and learning
  • Use the principles of good teaching and learning to extend your use of the Teachers' Standards
  • Learn about high-quality action planning and build your own personal action plan

How it works

We've created The Key CPD Toolkit to take the time, cost and effort out of developing your own training.

"The staff really did enjoy the session and we could see the impact in lesson observations the following day."     Carmel Dodds, facilitator, The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

Using our training is simple:

1. Download the materials, created with subject specialists, and quality assured for your peace of mind

2. Quickly adapt the resources to meet the needs of your school 

3. Deliver engaging training, with the support of comprehensive facilitator guidance

4. Evaluate the impact of your training to identify areas where staff need further support