Teaching assistants: optimising impact


Are your teaching assistants making a significant impact on pupil progress?

This module facilitates whole-school action planning to ensure that teaching assistants have a strong, positive impact on learning. The sessions unpick cutting-edge research surrounding the deployment, preparedness and practice of teaching assistants (TAs) and enable participants to explore the practical implications for their school.

The ideas presented will benefit from whole-school support, as such it is suggested that all staff should be invited to the sessions  from teaching assistants and teachers to middle and senior leaders. The module is built from three sessions, which are approximately 90-minutes each. However, you may wish to adapt the content to suit your timings and the needs of your staff. To get maximum benefit from the module, we recommend that the sessions are run consecutively, with sufficient time between sessions for participants to complete the inter-session tasks.

Short on time?

Consider delivering 'the essentials' instead. The essentials summarise the whole module in a single 115 minute session, with a strong focus on practical application. See 'session 4' for more information and to download the summary session.


This module was developed in partnership with Louise Burnham. Louise has over 20 years’ experience as a primary and early years teacher. Louise has designed and delivered a teaching assistants training programme for Lewisham College.  She continues to teach as well as write books for teaching assistants and early years students.


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