Training modules

Support deep, sustained learning

Our in-depth training modules address school training priorities identified through extensive market research. We continually expand the range of modules to address new topics school leaders tell us are important to them.

In-house CPD and quality teams work with leading organisations, subject specialists and schools to produce modules that are underpinned by relevant research, and to ensure that every resource in the toolkit is accurate, practical, engaging and focused on schools' needs.

Each session is ready to deliver, with a variety of resources to support engaging, transformative learning, including:


  • Facilitator notes providing step-by-step guidance on how to deliver training effectively
  • Facilitator logs, including checklists and reflection prompts, to support session planning, evaluation and will help you identify next steps 
  • Diagnostic audits to assess participants’ prior knowledge and experience to help you tailor content and target areas for improvement
  • Presentation slides outlining and referencing key concepts, theory and research
  • Action-research tools encouraging participants to analyse their own practice
  • Case studies and scenario-based activities to support strategy application
  • Videos and multi-media content for engaging explanations of challenging concepts and expert modelling of effective practice
  • Inter-session tasks that you can use trial new approaches and evaluate impact
  • Research summaries in a succinct, user-friendly format
  • Learning logs enabling participants to reflect upon their learning against session objectives
  • Participant feedback forms enabling participants to evaluate the subject content and activities in the session 

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